WW2 Marine Dog Tags and Navy Dog Tags

WW2 Marine Dog Tags and Navy Dog Tags were oval shape, very different from the WW2 US Army Dog Tags and of the Army Air Forces. The Army and Army Air Force dog tag, M1940 Dog Tag, is very similar to the modern day shape, those used by the Marine Corps, Navy, Coast Guard, and the Merchant Marine were oval in appearance. Navy and Marine Dog Tags were of two patterns, both measuring 1.50-inches by 1.25-inches. These tags differed only by the number of holes for the dog tag chain–the P1917 pattern having one hole, and the P1940 pattern having two.  Both of these patterns were used throughout the entire war.

P1917               P1940

WW2 Marine Dog Tags and Navy Dog Tags


M1940 Dog Tag

Blank M1940 Dog Tag - Army Dog Tag

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