NBC Words At War Episode 31 “Eighty Three Days“

Words At War Episode 31 “Eighty Three Days“ Released January 11, 1944.

Words At War, the series that brings you radio versions of the leading war book another adaptation of an important war book, “Eighty-Three Days”. The story of seaman Izzy, the survivor of a torpedoed freighter who was lost at sea for almost three months. The script was previously used on “Words At War” on October 5, 1943 (See Episode 17).

On the 2nd of November 1942 at about 4.30 in the afternoon a Dutch merchant ship was torpedoed and sunk a few hundred miles off the coast of South America. Only a few of the four hundred men on the ship survived. One of them, Basil Dominic Izzy, seaman second class of the United States Navy was found on a raft mid ocean eighty-three days after the sinking.

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