Lockheed P-38 Ad – Be proud, America

Lockheed P-38 ad from 1942 - Be proud, America

Be proud , America

Be proud of your flying warriors, America! They’re fighting… as have Americans of every generation… for the freedom of man.

Be proud of the planes they fly, America! Your genius conceived aviation…then developed its peacetime greatness. Now, with unapproached production power, your fighting factories build the greatest… and the greatest number… of warplanes in the world, then speed them to action, with pride and spirit that reflect the pride and spirit of the nation behind them.

For the air power of America and her allies, Lockheed is producing the P-38 “Lightning” interceptor pursuits… and Lockheed Hudson bombers. Lockheed Aircraft Corporation Burbank, California

for protection today, and progress tomorrow, look to

Lockheed P-38


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