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Aug 08

Lockheed P-38 Ad – Be proud, America

Be Proud, America - Lockheed P-38 Ad: Be proud of your flying warriors, America! They're fighting... as have Americans of every generation... for the freedom of man.→ Read more

Jul 07

Camel Cigarette Ad July 1944

“Just like a taste of home”

When you’re thousands of miles from home…on a shell-racked tropic isle…or high on a rocky ridge…

How precious, then, is that “taste of home”… how comforting the rich aroma and full flavor of a slow-burning, cool-smoking Camel…the cigarette that is the first choice with men in all the services.

That is why Camels are packed to go round the world… to stay fresh for months at a time and deliver to our fighting men that full, fresh Camel flavor and mellow extra mildness… a “tates of home” wherever they may be.

What’s more: The Camel pack keeps your Camesl fresh and full-flavored, too-preserving for you the extra goodness of Camel’s matchless blend of costlier tobaccos.

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Jul 02

Cadillac P-40 Magazine Ad, May 1944

Stalkers of Hidden Devilfish: In the vanguard of the fighter craft that track the U-boat down are the fighter planes powered byt the Allison - America's first and foremost liquid-cooled aircraft engine.→ Read more

May 26

WWII – Pennsylvania Railroad Troop Train Ad

World War II Pennsylvania Railroad Troop Train Ad. These boys know what it means - the troop train is approaching the troop ships.→ Read more

Apr 16

WWII Pennsylvania Railroad Ad

As you would seed him on a scale, he would weigh 180s pounds of of bone, muscle and fighting energy–a fine specimen of American manhood. But on the scales of the Army — and the Railroads–his “fighting weight” is …8 tons.→ Read more

Jan 11

GoodYear The Greatest Name In Rubber

You’re holding up a million-dollar bomber . . . try SYNTHETIC RUBBER

For months a great airplane company had been working night and day to get into production on a new bomber wanted by the Army.  Millions had been invested in tools and jigs. But now the first models were developing a “bug” that threatened to hold up military acceptance.

The trouble was in the gaskets and valve packing of the hydraulic control system that operates the wing flaps, bomb doors and landing gear. These fittings  were not oil-tight. they didn’t hold the pressure, controls didn’t respond properly. After a dozen different types of gaskets proved no better, the airplane manufacturer hit the ceiling.

As a result a rush order came to Goodyear for a trial set of  gaskets made from our oil-resistant synthetic rubber Chemigum. They were molded and shipped in four days, and proved so satisfactory that we received order for more than one hundred different sizes of gaskets and packing required in the control system.

That was back in 1940. Today this great bomber is making a magnificent record on all fronts. Its hydraulic controls are standing up, thanks to the oil-impermeability of Chemigum.

Resistance to the disintegrating action of oil and solvents is only one of the many superiorities of Chemigum over natural rubber. It withstands abrasion better and does not become brittle at low temperatures. Today Chemigum production is being vastly multiplied to supply military needs – but the day is not too far off when there will be a surplus to give you tires and other “rubber” necessities of excellent quality at reasonable cost.

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Jan 04

World War II Bell Telephone Ad

World War II Bell Telephone ad asking the public to take care and consideration when placing long distance calls.→ Read more

Dec 16

WWII Bell Telephone Ad, December 1942

WAR needs the wires this Christmas: War can't wait -- not even for Christmas. So please don't make Long Distance calls to war-busy centers this Christmas unless they're vital.....BELL TELEPHONE SYSTEM→ Read more

Dec 15

Positive Identification – Why Two Dog Tags

POSITIVE IDENTIFICATION ~ important for Soldiers . . . and Checks

Today, every American Soldier wears two identical tags bearing his serial number, inoculation record and essential data >> Why two tags?  Because Uncle Same plays safe — takes no chances of slip-ups in identification of personnel. >> For similar reasons of security, leading Banks and Business Houses today  use checks which are DOUBLY IDENTIFIED! Not only issuing organization’s name lithographed or printed on the check — or it’s trademark or special design is repeated front and back –in the check itself!  This individualized Safety Paper, organized  by George La Monte & Son’s, is available through your lithographer or printer >> Such DOUBLY IDENTIFIED offer maximum protection against alteration and counterfeiting.

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Nov 19

WE’VE ENLISTED – Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade WWII Ad


We Macy balloons have always stood for peace and plenty of fun for all. We were a weaving and bobbing symbol of democracy at play. We figured in a parade devoted to laughter and shenanigans. Fear never marched in our ranks. there wasn’t a goosestep or a gun in the whole shebang. The  2,000,000 people who came to enjoy the show were peace lovers too. But now we’ve a war to win and we’ve enlisted, to help make the world safe for future parades full of merriment and good will.

We are turning ourselves over, body and soul,  with no strings attached, to the New York City Salvage Committee. Destined for the rubber scrap pile, we will perhaps find our way into tires for tanks, or maybe life rafts. Wherever we’re most needed, we’ll be glad to serve our country– though we can’t help wishing we could float over Hirohito’s palatial shack, and frighten him out of his kimono. We’d like to act as a barrage balloons, around New York or London. But it’s up to the armed forces. What they say goes, And whatever assignment we draw, we’ll swell with prid (helium or no helium) knowing that we’re going to help deflate Hitler and his chums.

Our public, though disappointed that the parade will not parade, will be glad that Macy’s has donated us to the war effort. The helium that used to inflate us will be saved, also the metal cylinders in wich it came. The tires and gas, too,, that maneuvered the numerous trucks and floats down Broadway, weill be spared for more important jobs. And we know you’ll agree it is wise not to attract a crowd of 2,000,000 people in time when New York’s Finest are needed to guard warehouses and docks.

So we’re wish you a fine dinner, and as we go join up, we’ll be looking foward to that glorious thanksgiving Day when our descendants will parade down Central Park West and Broadway, while millions cheer. Boy! with that be a Thanksgiving!

P.S.  Our famous mechanical windows, designed by r\Russell Patterson, will perform as usual starggin on Thanksgiving Day  at 9 A.M. This year the show’s called “THE FUNNY PAGE PARADE.” and you’ll recognize lots of  your closest friends in the 26 floats.


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