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A collection of quality historical World War II research and reference websites.

Please feel free to submit sites that provide genuine historical insight, information, photographs or other media. Feel free to submit websites of like quality. For submission guidelines see criteria at the bottom of the page.


WW2 D-Day Maps

Victory Kitchen Podcast: Fantastic podcast and supporting website. A must listen and read for anyone interested in not only wartime recipe’s but homefront history. Give it a listen and get cooking.

Bovington: England’s armor museum.
Patton Museum: US Armor museum at Ft. Knox, Ky.
8th Air Force Museum: Savannah, Ga.
Eldred WWII Museum: Eldred, Pa.
Dead Man’s Corner Museum: St. Come Du Mont, France.
UTAH BEACH | Musée du débarquement: Utah Beach, Normandy, France.
OVERLOARD MuseumBehind Omaha Beach, Normandy, France.
Airborne Museum: St. Mere Eglise, France

82nd Airborne Division Association: Veterans of the 82nd and any other US parachute or glider units.
70th Infantry Division Association: Veteran’s of the 70th past and present.

Military History Online: Book reviews and articles on battles and campaigns. Good stuff.
WWII Casualites: National Archives database of US military dead and missing, organized by state and name..
How to Request Military Service Records: For veterans and their next of kin to obtain DD 214s.
From D-day to VE-day: Tour service for ETO battlefields.
WWII Letters: Actual letters written by troops and their families.

Combat Chronicles of US Army Divisions in WWII: Great guide as to what each divsion did and its componenet units.
Extracts From History: Great info site for US WWII Reenactors.
The M-1 Helmet: Useful site about US helmets.
WW2 Airborne: The best overview of all US WWII airborne units. Unit histories, subunits, TO & E’s, honor rolls, and links.
US Army Quartermaster Museum:
Very interesting site about the outfitting of the Army.
Margie Stewart: WWII Poster girl’s page.
US MILITARY UNIFORMS OF WWII: Excellent (though incomplete) index of US uniforms with details of War Department specifications.

Excellent reference about Heer uniforms and gear.
Uboat.net: The best U-Boat site with histories of every German submarine. Search by boat number, losses, shipyard built, wolf pack etc, etc. One of the more volumous and informative sites I’ve ever seen.
U-869: Site dedicated to the boat and men of “U-who”, found off New Jersey n 1991.
Axis History Factbook: Complete directory of all German and axis military units in WWII. Covers all branches of each nation’s armed forces.
Feldgrau.com: General WWII German military history site.
Aktion Rheinhard Camps: Detailed histories of the death camps. Belzec, Sobibor, Majdenek, Treblinka, labor camps, ghettos etc.
The Warsaw Uprising: Site about the battle for Warsaw.

82nd Airborne – WW II: Historical site for the famous 82nd Division.
508th PIR Association, “the Red Devils”: Veterans’ group for the WW II unit.
180th Engineer Heavy Ponton Battalion: Tribute to the unit, in particular the author’s grandfather, Joseph L. Begin.
808th Tank Destroyer Battalion: Dedicated to the men of the 808th TD Battalion during WWII. Veterans stories and pictures.
Corregidor: Site encompassing general history of this Pacific battle, as well as sites within detailing the 503rd Airborne, coastal artillery, and veterans organizations for all.
Coupons and Rationing During World War II:  Excellent resource on Rationing and Coupons in the United States during WWII. Recommended by a Katie a up and coming historian.
Deliverance: Memoirs Hermann Beaber, veteran of the fighting in the Phillipines.
Die Gebirgstruppen: Mountain troops of the Wehrmacht.
GI Intelligence Department:
WW II photo research and information site.
Laurier Centre for Military, Strategic and Disarmament Studies: Canadian military history site.
Monte Cassino Association: Website with history and links related to the famous monastery battle.
Monte Cassino Tours: Tourist information and history for the historical site.
Omaha Beach: Account of a German officer who was there at the Normandylandings.
“Patton’s Troubleshooters”: Historical site on the 702nd Tank Battalion & the 80th Division.
Rottauer Museum: German military vehicle & weapons museum in Rottau, Bavaria(website is in German).
Soldier & War Magazine: Miniture wargaming periodical.
Soviet Female Pilots of WW II: Website on the female pilots that flew for Russiain WW II, very interesting.
Stenger Historica: Specializing in in archival research, US and German documents, and military art.
U.S. WW II Veterans’ Website:
The official site for US vets.
Unterseebootwaffe: Excellent reference site on the Kriegsmarine!
World War II Combat Medic: Detailed historical site on the USaid-men.
World War II Gyrene: Atribute to the men of the USMC.
World War II Pictures: Online archive of period photos.
WWII Victory Museum: Website for the huge vehicle and militaria museum in Auburn Indiana.


We reserve the right to accept or reject any site that isn’t related directly to WWII.
We are happy to accept well maintained personal and “dedication” sites that offer historical insight, information or photographs.
Sites on free servers or with excessive pop-ups will not be allowed.

Submissions: Send link requests to info@wwiidogtags.com

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