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WWII Podcasts

Living History UK: Watch Here Patreon Podcast

Living History UK’s mission is to Keep History Alive! They offer a UK focused history themed podcast, YouTube and Patreon that offers a personal and informative insight in to the experiences of the average British soldier from 1645-1945.



Reenactors Ramble - UK WWII Reenacting PodcastReenactors Ramble: Listen Here

A weekly podcast discussing all things WWII Reenacting/Reenactment with special guests discussing equipment, events, vehicles, weapons, current affairs and more.
Centered on the World War II reenacting community in the United Kingdom providing unique insights to the reenacting community there as well as common themes familiar to all reenactors.



Victory Kitchen PodcastVictory Kitchen

Victory Kitchen is an exploration of food rationing in wartime America. Join author, historian, and vintage foodie Sarah Creviston Lee as she delves into World War II cookbooks, recipes and menu plans to discover how our grandmas got their food to fight for victory.
One of my favorite podcast! Also checkout out her blog Victory Kitchen Podcast, all the recipes she makes and you can give it a listen right from her site.



We Have Ways of Making You Talk: Listen Here

Achtung! Achtung!

Comedian Al Murray and historian James Holland discuss all matters Second World War. We Have Ways of Making You Talk is a bi-weekly show exploring the war in close up. James and Al have a stunning knowledge of their subject, but don’t expect a linear narrative. The boys love a tangent and a forgotten tale.
Checkout out their paid content as well on Patreon: Click Here.


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