World War II Today: November 7

The Belgium and Dutch Monarch’s emphasize their country’s neutrality, but offer to act as peace negotiators. Hitler rejects the proposal, as do both Britain and France.

Paul Thummel, a double agent, passes details of the German plans for the western offensive to the Czech government-in-exile.

The Royal Air Force attacks the Krupp munition works in Essen.

The RAF bombs Berlin with 169 aircraft, but 21 are lost.

USSR celebrates anniversary of the Revolution with a parade in Red Square, despite presence of the German army on outskirts of Moscow.

Speaking from Red Square in Moscow, with the spearheads of the Wehrmacht less than 100 miles from the capital, Stalin predicts that ‘the Fascist German invaders are facing disaster’.

The German High Command decides to resume the advance on Moscow as soon as possible, although by now it is estimated that 80 Russian divisions stand in their way.

German torpedo aircraft sink the soviet hospital ship Armenia killing approximately 7,000 people.

US Marine Corps approves establishment of women’s reserve.

British troops launch a limited offensive along the coast of Burma.

President Roosevelt Reelection - World War II Today November 7President Franklin D. Roosevelt won an unprecedented fourth term in office, defeating Thomas E. Dewey.

British Eighth Army opens drive for Forli, Italy.

Japanese execute Soviet spy Richard Sorge.

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