World War II Today: September 5

President Roosevelt declares US neutrality and upholds ban on export of weapons.

The US establishes Neutrality Patrol to monitor military operations in western hemisphere and declares Neutrality Zone 300 miles off east coast.

French forces begin a limited offensive towards Saarbrucken.

Under the relentless pressure by the Wehrmacht, the Polish Army withdraws behind the Vistula river, but the German troops gain bridgeheads on the opposite bank.

An irate Hitler orders a new offensive by the Luftwaffe against Britain with no regard for the civilian population.

London is set as the primary target, after the RAF for the first time makes several night raids on Berlin, causing many civilian casualties. Air raids continue over Southeast England with a hospital in Kent being hit, killing 23 patients and two nurses.

August civilian casualty figures announced at 1,075 killed and 1.261 seriously injured.

King Carol II of Romania is forced to give full powers to Fascist General Ion Antonescu. Rioting by fascists in Romania destroys Jewish businesses.

Japanese troops enter French Indochina without permission; Vichy France suspends talks.

British release General Dentz, after Vichy releases British POWs in Syria.

The Eighth Army captures San Stefano, 10 miles inland in Calabria, Italy.

US paratroops land behind the Japanese positions at Lae, surrounding about 20,000 Japanese troops.

The US Ninth Army activated in France under Lieutenant General William Simpson.

The  First use of Douglas A-26 Invader light bomber in combat (by US Ninth Air Force in England).

Germany launches its first V-2 missile at Paris, France.

The U.S. 3rd Army crosses the Meuse as the British reach Ghent.

The Russians declare war on Bulgaria.

A German-Hungarian counterattack in the area of Klausenburg in Romania fails.

World War II Today: September 5 - Mug shot of “Tokyo Rose,” Iva Toguri D’Aquino, taken at Sugamo Prison on 7 March 1946 (US National Archives)British land in Singapore.

“Tokyo Rose,” Japanese-American Iva Toguri D’Aquino, is arrested in Yokohama for her radio broadcasts meant to demoralize US troops.

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