World War II Today: October 26

Germany annexes former Polish areas of Upper Silesia, West Prussia, Pomerania, Poznan, Ciechanow, Danzig, and part of Lodz; all the rest of German-occupied Poland to come under the “General Government.”
Forced labor decree issued for Polish Jews aged 14 to 60.

London has longest air raid to date as a Catholic orphanage is among the buildings hit. British claim 41 German planes shot down in the past week against 21 British. The total German losses over Britain since the war began are put at a staggering 2,762 against Britain’s 780.

Ministry of Food subsidises fish and chip shops to encourage potato consumption.

The Italians protest to the Greeks about their ‘non-neutral’ attitude towards Italy.

850 Jews are arrested in Norway.

The Eighth Army begins re-grouping its divisions at El Alamein for the final breakout, and take Kidney Ridge.

Center and Eastern Task Forces depart Britain for Torch landings in Oran and Algiers, Algeria.

Battle of Santa Cruz, with US forces attacking the large Japanese supporting fleet near Guadalcanal and shooting down 100 aircraft, damaging two carriers, a battleship and three cruisers. U.S. Navy aircraft carrier Hornet is heavily damaged during the Battle of Santa Cruz.

The USS South Dakota knocks down twenty-six Japanese planes during the Battle of Santa Cruz, setting the record for the most enemy planes downed in one day.

The First American Red Cross Clubmobiles begin service to US troops in Britain.

The RAF launches a heavy night raid against Stuttgart, while the US 8th Air Force, in its greatest effort to date, delivers a devastating daylight attack on Bremen.

A hospital ship arrives in Liverpool with 790 wounded POW’s aboard, repatriated from Germany.

A feint landing on Choisseul in the Solomon’s is conducted by US forces. Meanwhile Treasury Island is occupied.

Emperor Hirohito states his country’s situation is now “truly grave.”

The Battle of Leyte Gulf concludes with a decisive US victory, despite heavy Japanese kamikaze attacks; this battle marks the virtual collapse of the Japanese Navy.

World War II Today: October 26 - Leyte Gulf

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