World War II Today: November 6

The Gestapo rounds up 183 professors of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow and sends them to Sachsenhausen concentration camp near Berlin. In Soviet occupied Poland, Ukrainian peasants murder 200 Polish refugees after offering them food and accommodation.

First big air battle on Western Front.

Under-Secretary for War announces measures to give Home guard more permanent shape and better equipment without changing its ‘local and friendly character’.

Britain promises financial assistance to Greece, starting with £5 million advance.

Royal Canadian Navy destroyer Ottawa and Royal Navy destroyer Harvester sink Italian submarine Faa di Bruno off Ireland.

Stalin claims Axis casualties on Eastern Front now 4.5 million, when actually less than 700,000. The first cases of frostbite in the German Army are recorded.

The German blockade runner ‘Odenwald’ which is disguised as a US merchant is captured by the US cruiser Omaha and the destroyer Somers.

The Japanese Southern Army is ordered to prepare detailed operational plans for the up and coming offensive.

US gives Russia $1,000m interest free loan.

Halted before Ordshonikidse in the Caucasus, the 13th Panzer Division is fighting to prevent itself being cut off by superior Soviet forces attacking its flanks and rear. In a speech to the Congress of Soviet Deputies, Stalin warns the United States and Britain that ‘the absence of a second front against Fascist Germany may end badly for all freedom loving countries, including the Allies themselves’. He declares that ‘the aim of the coalition is to save mankind from reversion to savagery and mediaeval brutality’.

Further progress made by the Eighth Army with 20,000 further Axis prisoners being claimed.

The Russians take Kiev and split the Fourth Panzer Army into three.

The Japanese land reinforcements North of Empress Bay.

Middelburg is surrendered by the 2,000 Germans.

Tito’s forces take Monastir in southern Yugoslavia and now control the whole border with Greece.

The Chinese 22nd Division crosses the Irrawaddy in northern Burma.
World War II Today: November 6 - First Jet landing on an aircraft carrierForeign Commissar Molotov announces that Russia will soon have the atomic bomb.

The first landing of a jet on a carrier takes place on USS Wake Island when an FR-1 Fireball touches down.

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