World War II Today: May 30

53,823 evacuated from Dunkirk, bringing total landed in England since May 27 to 126,606.Britain orders modern destroyers to leave Dunkirk due to heavy losses.

Germany increases food rations due to increased supplies from newly conquered countries.

Roosevelt asks Congress for considerable funds to strengthen the US Armed forces.

Mussolini tells Hitler he intends to enter the war.

The revolt in Iraq collapses as the British near Baghdad. The Iraqi leader Rashid Ali flees in to Persia (Iran).

German commander in Crete orders deadly reprisals for civilian resistance. In Iraq, British troops enter Baghdad.

RAF Operation Millennium: first 1000-bomber raid, to Cologne, Germany.

World War II Today: May 30 - Carrier USS Yorktown in Dry Dock #1, Pearl Harbor Navy Yard, 29 May 1942The Afrika Korps take up defensive positions in the ‘Cauldron’ in readiness for their attempt to punch through the Gazala line.

Admiral Nimitz orders for Task Force 17 (Admiral Fletcher) consisting of the carrier Yorktown, 2 cruisers and 6 destroyers, which had been refitting at Pearl Harbor after operations in the Coral Sea, to set sail for Midway and meet Admiral Spruance there.

United States commemorates Memorial Day.

Twenty children killed when bomb hits Torquay church.

After 19 days of fighting, the United States recaptures Alaska’s Attu Island from the Japanese Army, annihilating the remaining fighters “except for a few snipers”. Japanese losses were 2,500 killed with American losses at 600 killed.

The Eighth Army captures Arce, 15 miles Northwest of Cassino, en route to Rome.

In England, the loading of assault forces for Operation Overlord (D-Day) begins. Allied troops begin to load in England-Force A (60,000 US troops); Force B (25,600 US reinforcements); British (75,000)

Germany approves the summary execution of downed Allied airmen who strafed passenger trains or civilians (“Terrorflieger”).

A White Paper on full employment is tabled to the Australian Parliament.

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