World War II Today: March 9

The German press warns that all Jews who vote in the upcoming elections will be arrested.

Czech President Emil Hacha ousts pro-German Joseph Tiso as the Premier of Slovakia in order to preserve Czech unity.

Italian-Anglo agreement on coal, Britain to release Italian collier ships, Italy to import no more German coal.

The Italians launch another offensive against the Greek 1st Army in Albania, but it makes very little progress.

The RAF returns to bomb Essen once more, but again are unable to inflict much damage due to the constant industrial haze over the city and the lack of landmarks, which made the city notoriously difficult to find.

US General Stilwell becomes Chiang Kai-shek’s Chief of Staff.

The Government of the Dutch East Indies reaches Adelaide in Australia as all resistance on Java ceases and the island surrenders to the Japanese.


World War II Today: March 9 - U-510 in LorientU-510 torpedoes eight ships in three hours off the coast of Brazil, in what is the most successful single U-boat action of the war.

Von Arnim replaces Field Marshal Rommel as C-in-C of the Axis forces in Tunisia and Rommel is ordered by Hitler to leave Africa, never to return.

The U.S. First Army widens the Remagen bridgehead. The US Third Army captures Andernach on the Rhine.

World War II Today: March 9 - Remagan Bridgehead

German light naval vessels from the still German-occupied British Channel Islands enter the allied supply port of Granville in Bretagne, sinking five ships.

USAAF B29’s begin the firebombing of Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and Kobe. 16 and a half acres of Tokyo is burnt out in attacks which continue for 10 days.

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