World War II Today: March 7

Hitler sends German troops into the Rhineland, breaking the Treaty of Versailles and the Locarno Pact.

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British and Commonwealth troops begin to arrive in Greece.

World War II Today: March 7 - Jimmy StewartGerman Jews ordered into forced labour.

U-47, commanded by top ace Gunther Prien, hero of Scapa Flow, is sunk by the British Destroyer HMS Wolverine.

In convoy OB-293 off Iceland, U-99 and U-47 sink British whaling factory ship Terje Viken, one of the largest ships sunk in war at 20,000 tons.

Actor James Stewart is inducted into US Army.

Force H, consisting of HMS Argus and HMS Eagle and supported by a number of destroyers, sets sail for Malta with a number of Spitfires on board. Fifteen Spitfires were flown off when Force H came within range of the Island.

The Government of the Dutch East Indies flees Java for Australia.

The Japanese occupy Rangoon, Burma.

A new wolfpack, codenamed ‘Raubgraf’ (Robber Baron), is created in the central North Atlantic. It will operate between the 7th and 20th March 1943 and includes U-84, U-89, U-91, U-435, U-468, U-600, U-603, U-615, U-621, U-638, U-653, U-664, U-758. Immediately the wolfpack attacks convoy ON-168 which is traveling between North America and the UK. One ship is damaged and abandoned on the 7th March, to be finally sunk on the 12th March for 6,537 gross tons.

The Japanese begin the Imphal-Kohima offensive from northern Burma into Assam, India.

U.S. Marines secure Los Negros.

In reply to Arab protests, the U.S. says that the idea of a Jewish state has no official sanction.

The U.S. 9th Armored Division makes a surprise dash across the undestroyed Rhine bridge at Remagen, establishing a crucial bridgehead on the East bank.

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