World War II Today: March 25

US allows sale of military aircraft to the Allies.

Britain doubles butter ration to ½ pound per week.

Under heavy pressure Yugoslavia signs Tripartite Pact, joining the Axis powers.

Anti-Axis protests break out in Belgrade, Yugoslavia.

US troops occupy the Society Islands.

Standard Oil president William Stamps Farish II pleads no contest for conspiring with Nazis and hiding patents for synthetic rubber from US government.

US Naval Task Force 39 leaves Maine for Britain to protect convoys to Russia, relieving the Royal Navy to protect the Mediterranean and to invade Madagascar.

First Martin B-26 Marauder medium bombers arrive in a combat theater, at Brisbane/Archerfield AF, Australia.

World War II Today: March 25 - B 26 Bomber
Credit: Life Magazine

Greek partisans temporarily take over Samos Island from the Italian garrison.

Neutral Spain closes its border with Nazi-occupied France.

Battle for convoy HX-231 begins; first time convoy beats off U-boats without loss.

Manstein persuades Hitler to allow the First Panzer Army to break out to the west of Lvov, not south.

In New Guinea, heavy US Fifth Air Force bombing on Wewak causes Japanese to move air headquarters to Hollandia.

The U.S. First Army breaks out of the Remagen bridgehead. The British Second Army captures Wesel which has been nearly 100% destroyed by Allied bombing.

The U.S. Navy begins the pre-invasion bombardment of Okinawa firing more than half a million shells and rockets in a week.

US Fifteenth Air Force based in Italy flies its last strategic mission of war: 650 bombers hit Prague and Cheb, Czechoslovakia.

German SS troops behind US lines assassinate Allied-backed mayor of Aachen, Germany.

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