World War II Today: March 23

Germany requires car owners to donate batteries and requires church bells to be melted down.

Heavy Luftwaffe attack on Malta leads RAF to withdraw bombers and flying boats.
World War II Today: March 23 - Bombing of Malta

During World War II, the U.S. government began moving Japanese-Americans from their West Coast homes to detention centers.

The British convoy, have escaped serious damage are approaching Malta. However, it is here that they come under concentrated air attack which sinks 1 freighter and damages another, although the other two freighters make it safely in to the port of Valleta. However, air attacks  against the docks at Valletta made it very difficult to unload.

The Japanese occupy the Anadaman Islands in the Indian Ocean.

Port Moresby is again attacked by Japanese aircraft.

In the heaviest air raid to date, RAF drops 2000 tons of bombs on Dortmund, Germany.

In the Battle of  El Guettar in Tunisia, US infantry manages to defeat German armor.

Italian partisan bombing decimates a German SS police unit in Rome, 33 Germans & 10 Italian civilians are killed. 

The RAF launches a devastating raid (300 bombers) against Hildesheim near Hannover, a small city of little military and industrial importance.

General Montgomery’s British Second Army crosses Rhine at Wesel, Germany.

French General Charles de Gaulle grants limited self-government to French Indochina.

The U.S. Third Army crosses the Rhine North of Worms, as the British Second and Canadian First Armies begin their assault across the Rhine above the Ruhr.

The Russian reach the outskirts of Danzig and Gotenhafen.

Colonel Benjamin O. Davis prepares to fly cover with the 332nd Fighter Group on a bombing mission over Berlin. Davis will later become the first African-American to be promoted to the rank of Major General

World War II Today: March 23 - Colonel Benjamin O. Davis

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