World War II Today: June 18

French Army in general retreat as German troops capture Le Mans and Cherbourg.

The garrisons of Belfort, Metz and Dijon surrender.

Hitler and Mussolini meet in Munich to discuss French request for peace.

General de Gaulle forms the French National Committee in London and vows to continue the war on the side of Britain, saying that «France has lost a battle, but France has not lost the war.

Churchill speaks to Commons: let us so bear ourselves that . . . men will still say, “This was their finest hour”.

German planes raid Thames Estuary and East Coast.

Canada introduces military conscription, but overseas service is voluntary.

World War II Today: June 18 - WAAF radar operator Denise Miley plotting aircraft on the CRT (cathode ray tube) of an RF7 Receiver in the Receiver Room at Bawdsey Chain Home Station (Imperial War Museum)British press give details of development of Radio Location­ (radar) and its use in Battle of Britain.

Free French troops occupy Damascus in Syria.

Germany and Turkey sign a ten-year non-aggression pact.

The British Eighth Army evacuates Sidi Rezegh and El Adem.

Germans announce the killing of Heydrich’­s assassins, just two hours after ultimatum demanding information expired.

German troops seize Fort Maxim Gorky in Sevastopol, digging out Russian naval infantry (in their black Sailor hats) with flame-throwers.

Field Marshal Wavell is to become the Viceroy of India, with General Auchinleck becoming the C in C of India. A new East Asia Command is to be established.

Radar (Radio Detection and Ranging) becomes the official term for Radiolocation.

The US First Army cuts off and isolates the German forces defending Cherbourg.

The Eighth Army take Assisi.

The British 2nd Division manages to advance 14 miles towards Imphal.

Eisenhower arrives in Washington to a heroes welcome.

British demobilization begins.

Japanese resistance ends on Mindanao in the Philippines.

The USAAF begins the fire blitzing of 58 smaller Japanese cities.

Truman approves OPERATION DOWNFALL with the JCS predicting 200,000 US casualties.

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