World War II Today: July 22

Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini sign “Pact of Steel” forming the Axis powers.

British cipher experts at Bletchley Park break the Luftwaffe Enigma code.

Britain officially rejects Hitler’s “peace offer.”

Britain establishes Special Operations Executive (SOE) under Hugh Dalton to support resistance groups in Nazi-occupied Europe.

The XIX Panzerkorps (Guderian) strikes from Abbeville toward Boulogne, Calais and Dunkirk along the Channel coast.

New Japanese cabinet formed with Prince Fumimaro Konoe as Prime Minister.

Himmler establishes Norwegian SS on German lines.

British blockade of Vichy France made complete.

Heavy German air attacks on Crete sink the cruisers Fiji, Gloucester and the destroyer Greyhound. The Battleships Warspite and Valiant are damaged, but the Royal Navy breaks up German supply convoy.

Fierce fighting continues as British troops begin to pull back from Maleme airfield towards Suda Bay in order to regroup and protect their main point of supply.

British forces capture the last Italian stronghold in southern Abyssinia.

The 6th Army and Kleist’s Panzer’s meets thereby pinching of the Russian salient Southeast of Kharkov.

In US, gasoline rationing coupons are issued in 17 Eastern states and rationing begins
World War II Today: July 22 - Gas Rationing begins in the United States

Japanese take Buna and Giruwa, New Guinea, beginning battle for Kokoda Trail.

US Seventh Army takes Palermo, Sicily without opposition.

The Battle of Kursk ends after Hitler withdraws troops to reinforce Sicily.

German SS troops destroy town of St. Gingolph, France.

Montgomery is appointed as C-in-C of the British force of occupation in Germany and a British member of the allied control commission.

‘Sugar Loaf Hill’ on Okinawa is finally taken by U.S. troops after changing hands 11 times in the last few days.

First US troops transferred from Europe arrive in the Philippines.

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