World War II Today: July 15

Unemployment in Britain up 60,431 in June to 827,266, but still down half a million on June 1939. Home Office bans fireworks, kite and balloon flying.

RAF reduces pilot training from three months to one month.

The rector of Old Bolingbroke, England, is sentenced to 4 weeks prison for ringing a church bell. Britain bans fireworks, kites, and balloons.

British MAUD report recommends low yield U-235 bombs by 1943.

British forces enter Beirut.

World War II Today: July 15 - Agent GarboDouble agent Juan Garcia (“Garbo”), working for Britain, sends his first fake communiqué to Berlin.

Germans encircle 300,000 Soviets in Smolensk pocket, which delays the drive on Moscow.

US extends Security Zone from 26˚ W to 22˚ W, including Iceland within western hemisphere defense zone.

A US airbase is established at Argentia in Newfoundland.

Final losses for convoy PQ-17 are 24 ships sunk for 141,721 tons. 8 ships were sunk by the Luftwaffe, 7 by U-boats and another 9 were combined Luftwaffe/U-boat kills. The loss of material was likewise very heavy with 210 aircraft, 430 tanks, 3350 lorries, and 99,316 tons of general cargo going to the bottom of the Arctic Ocean. The Germans lost only 5 planes and no U-boats.

The Germans take Boguchar and Millerovo, less than 200 miles from Stalingrad. However, they have only captured 80,000 Russian’s since the 28th June.

New Zealander troops attack ‘Kidney’ Ridge in three days of fighting, which costs Rommel 2,600 prisoners and 115 guns captured.

The first supply flight from India to China over the ‘Hump’ is flown.

Two Soviet armies from Crimea join the Baltic front so that it can continue its offensive. Russian tank penetrations are only 25 miles from Lvov.

The U.S. Third Fleet shells the steel center on Hokkaido Island in the Japanese homeland. It is reported that 108,000 tons of shipping has been sunk in last two days attacks.

The Australians take Prince Alexander Range in Borneo after an eight-week struggle.

Italy declares war on Japan.

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