World War II Today: January 13

Belgium orders military mobilization.

Netherlands cancels all Army leaves.

FBI arrests 17 members of pro-Nazi “Christian Front” for plotting to kill congressmen; later acquitted.

Hitler demands that Bulgaria joins the Tripartite pact, but the Bulgarians play for time.

The Luftwaffe launches a heavy attack against Plymouth.

Author James Joyce dies at age 58 in Zürich, Switzerland.

A Japanese attack just to the east of Mount Natib, begins to pose a threat to the left flank of the US-Filipino 2nd Corps.

The allied conference in London pledges to punish axis war criminals after victory.

First use of an ejection seat—by German test pilot Helmut Schenk in He 280 jet.

World War II Today: January 13 - Arado 280 Ejection Seat

The Arnold-Portal agreement specifies the number of aircraft the US will provide to Britain, while building the US Army Air Forces to a goal of 115 groups.

The call-up for single girls in Britain is lowered to 19.

Students at the University of Munich riot after Nazi speaker says Stalingrad situation is due to student malingerers.

US Thirteenth Air Force formed in South Pacific under Brig. Gen. Nathan Twining, based in Espiritu Santo, New Caledonia.

In “Sleepy Lagoon” case in Los Angeles, 17 Mexican-Americans are wrongly convicted of murder; convictions overturned 2 years later.

The Chinese strengthen their position in the Hukawng Valley in northern Burma.

The British make further gains in central Burma and are now only 30 miles from Mandalay.

The U.S. First Army attacks the Germans between Stavelot and Malmady.

German forces of Army Group E complete their withdrawal from Greece and Albania.

Zhukov’s 1st Belorussian Front begins an offensive toward Pillkallen in East Prussia, against which there is stiff resistance from the 3rd Panzer Army.

The Jarstad Bridge is blown up by the Norwegian resistance, killing 70 Germans.

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