World War II Today: April 21

British and German troops engage in heavy fighting at Lillehammer, Norway.

First US military casualty of WWII—Army Air Force observer Capt. Robert Losey killed by German bombing at Dombås, Norway.

The Greek Army surrenders to the 1st SS Leibstandarte Division. Its commander, Sepp Dietrich accepts this, without referring to his superiors. All Greek soldiers were allowed to return home, while officers were allowed to retain their side arms. Mussolini, upon hearing of this is furious and makes the Greeks sign another surrender document with much harsher terms.


World War II Today: April 21 -U459: U-Boat Replenishment Ship
The first U-boat tanker or ‘ Milch cow’, U-459, sets sail for the Atlantic. Her role was to prolong the time that U-boats could spend in US waters by refueling and re-arming them at sea.

President Roosevelt orders seizure of all patents held by enemy nations.

Kenedy Alien Detention Center opens in Texas for enemy alien civilians (German, Italian, and Japanese citizens).

Admiral Mineichi Kaga replaces Yamamoto as commander of Japanese Combined Fleet.

German General Hans-Valentin Hube killed in plane crash at Berchtesgaden; General Erhard Raus replaces him in commend of the First Panzer Army.

The U.S. Ninth Army captures Blankenburg, 80 miles to the East of Kassel. The U.S. First Army take Dessau. The French First Army captures Stuttgart along with 28,000 prisoners and crosses the Danube.

Field Marshal Model, commits suicide. German troops keep up their resistance around Elbingerode in the Harz Mountains.

The Soviet 1st Ukrainian Front captures Bautzen and Cottbus 70 miles southeast of Berlin. German troops still hold out in the port of Pillau.

The 2nd Polish Corps which is fighting with the British Eighth Army captures Bologna in co-ordination with the U.S. 34th Division, of the U.S. Fifth Army.

In Italy, future senator Lt. Daniel Inouye, serving with the Japanese-American 442nd RCT, is injured in battle, loses arm, earns Distinguished Service Cross and Bronze Star.

U.S. troops take ‘Bloody Ridge’ on Okinawa.

The French take Stuttgart, Germany.

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