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Sep 28

World War II Today: September 28

In a speech given during a visit to Berlin, Mussolini assures the world;”There are no secret intentions in my visit. Nothing is being plotted”.

German and Soviet troops meet at Brest-Litovsk and together stage a military review. An agreement is signed affirming their common border lines in eastern Poland.

26th night attack in succession on London.

The first of the recently purchased US destroyers arrive in Britain.

A Soviet-British-US conference opens in Moscow to discuss western aid to Russia. Lord Beaverbrook represents Britain and Averell Harriman the USA.

The US Navy Department claim 42 Japanese aircraft shot down in the Solomon Islands in last three days, with no US losses.

Germans anti-partisan forces retake Split from Tito’s partisans.

An agreement between Tito and Stalin is reached in Moscow, which allows the Red Army to enter Yugoslavia.

The Red Army begin an offensive towards the Yugoslav border from Romania.

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