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Oct 05

World War II Today: October 5

The German government orders all German Jews to have red J’s printed on their passports, in order to more easily identify and track them in the future.

Hitler Enters WarsawHitler enters Warsaw in triumph. The Soviet Union forces a treaty on Latvia that allows the Red Navy to establish bases in her Baltic harbors

Advancing in the southern Ukraine, Panzer Group 1 reaches the Sea of Azov.

Himmler orders all Jews in concentration camps in Germany to be sent to Auschwitz and Majdanek.

German troops complete the evacuation of the island of Corsica.

The first of two heavy raids by a US Navy Task Force against Wake Island, with 61 Japanese aircraft being reported as destroyed.

The Canadians enter Holland.

The First Baltic Front begins an offensive South of Riga to cut off Army Group North in Lithuania.

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