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French mountain troops capture the port of Narvik, forcing the German defenders (Gebirgsjäger units and crews of sunk destroyers) into the surrounding hills and towards the safety of the Swedish border and internment.

Belgium formally surrenders to the Germans.

The British and French reject capitulation and continue the evacuation and rearguard actions at Dunkirk.

Roosevelt says Neutrality Act to be repealed.

Lord Woolton announces experimental egg rationing, further restrictions on fish and milk; successful prosecutions under Food Control Orders during war now total 17,319.

British and Commonwealth forces begin evacuating Crete through the port of Sphakia on the southern coast of Crete. The withdrawal is to be covered by two recently landed Commando Battalions. However the garrisons at Retimo and Heraklion will be evacuated separately.

The Russian pocket Southeast of Kharkov continues to be broken in. 200 Poles are taken from Warsaw to the village of Magdalenka and shot. Among them are three women brought on stretchers from Pawiak prison hospital.

Heavy fighting continues at the southern end of the Gazala line, although by now Rommel’s forces are beginning to run out of fuel and his tanks are becoming scattered. In order to shorten his supply lines he decides to punch a hole through the Gazala line.

The U.S. 15th Air Force attacks Italian oil refineries at Livorno.

The US 8th Air Force attacks synthetic fuel-producing plants at Leuna-Meseburg.

The British Twelfth Army HQ is set up in Rangoon.

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