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All road and rail links between occupied France and Vichy cut by the Germans.

Slovak President and Premier meet Hitler and von Ribbentrop at Berchtesgarden.

Finland ends diplomatic relations with Great Britain.

German troops begin to clear Soviet forces trapped in the Smolensk pocket.

40,000 Japanese troops land on the coast of Cochin, China (modern day Vietnam).

The effect of the fall of Rostov spreads panic and terror in the Soviet Union, prompting harsh counter-measures by the Soviet High Command.

The second mass raid on Hamburg by 722 RAF bombers results in nine square miles of city being set alight.

The Japanese garrison of 6,000 troops are secretly evacuated from Kiska in the Aleutians.

U.S. troops take Coutances, thereby meeting the objectives laid down for ‘Operation Cobra’.

Brest-Litovsk, on the Polish frontier is taken by the Russians. More crossings over the Vistula are also made.

A B-25 bomber crashes into the Empire State Building in New York City, killing 14 people.

The remnants of Japanese battle fleet are destroyed in three days of attacks over the Japanese Inland Sea, as the Americans deploy 2,000 carrier-planes and bombers in action.

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