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Churchill dispatches a heavily armed convoy with 150 tanks to reinforce the middle east.

Brazil declares war on the Axis powers. She is the only South American country to send combat troops into Europe.

The Admiralty announces the loss of the famous submarine Upholder.

The advance of 17th Army toward the Black Sea port of Suchumi west of the Caucasus bogs down.

The Germans evacuate Kharkov.

The Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm begins four days of attacks on the German Battleship Tirpitz and other shipping in the Alten Fjord, Norway.

The Red Army captures Jassy on the Prut river in the southern Ukraine.

U.S. War Office estimates that there are a quarter of a million POW’s and civilian internees in Japanese hands at present.

Soviet troops land at Port Arthur and Dairen on the Kwantung Peninsula in China.

MacArthur says the surrender will be signed in the Tokyo area on the 31st August.

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