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World War II Notched Dog 3rd type July 1943 – March 1944: Most commonly issued tags of the World War II

Line 1: First, Middle Initial, Last Name JOHN Q PUBLIC
Line 2: Army Serial Number, Blood Type 37337566 T42 43  O
Line 5: Religion                             P
Weight 2.5 oz
Dimensions 8 × 5 × .2 in
Chain Type

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81 reviews for WWII Dog Tag Type 3

  1. Dave Pasbrig

    Great tags at an excellent price with outstanding service! Very happy indeed.

  2. Jeff

    Well made for a great price. And the shipping was fast.

  3. Cameron

    These are well made when put in comparison to real ones. I’d definitely get them for the price and quality

  4. Dennis

    Great tags and fast shipping!

  5. Ron Peters

    Your tags are the best!

  6. Sean

    Great service and timely delivery, very satisfied and would recommend.

  7. Dave

    This product was for replacement of original tags for the NOK of the service member. I think they will be more than pleased with the quality, workmanship, accuracy and overall results when they are presented. SUPER. Thanks

  8. Mike K

    If you want the real deal, this is the place. The layout, font and execution of these ID tags are EXACTLY as was done during WWII. A bonus is the wonderful service that comes along with it. Deal with COMPLETE confidence!

  9. John Gilliland

    great tags fast service

  10. Jim

    Great exactly what I wanted. I will order more in the future.

  11. Al

    Nice product. Very Happpy!

  12. TedS

    Awesome product and service. The reproduction tags were exactly what I wanted to replace my father’s WWII tags. I had a super pleasant and helpful email conversation about the tags and shipping with these guys. Definitely recommend. For 10$ you get 2 tags and the two chains :)

  13. Dylan

    Great dog tags for a price that can’t be beat!!

  14. Judy Houdeshell

    Really wonderful product and service. Exactly what I wanted to make 3 shadow boxes with items from his military past to share with siblings as a Christmas gift. Dad was proud to have served his country and this completed the project as we only had one. Price is fabulous and speed of delivery was too. Thank you!!

  15. Mike

    Great Tags, Great price

  16. Dave—–PA

    I am pleased with the tags. On the other hand, the chain is very very difficult to close. Both ends are so tight that when I try to close the chain, I actually have to pull at the end and it broke in one spot. I am just very busy this time of the year so I have not address this with the seller yet.

  17. Kurt Kaloyerakis

    My 91 year old ww2 veteran father loved the dog tags.
    He lost his originals some years ago.
    Thank you

  18. Stew M – NY

    Lost my father’s dog tags from WW2 and this was a perfect replica. Fast shipping, good customer service and quality was perfect.

  19. Joseph Franell

    Lance did a great job duplicating my father-in-law’s WWII dog tags. One of my wife’s nieces is planning to take them on Honor Fights in the future. Having them with her as she honors other veterans will be very meaningful. Great product. Great service.

  20. Shari Copeland

    WONDERFUL COMPANY… VERY authentic. I made a mustake on my irder form & customer service had me forward a photo of my father’s honirable discharge paperwork to them so they could get the tags in the correct “era” so they would look identicalb(style & info) to the original tags!!! Great people to work with. They really know their stuff (not to mention history)!!!

  21. Sheila

    Quickly done and shipped. Great price. Looks like my husband’s grandfather’s originals. We are planning getting another pair made to replace them.

  22. Samuel

    Excellent quality reproductions. Arrived here in NZ in 12 days.

  23. Todd Manning

    We are very happy with our tags! Lance was a great help and resource and actually caught a mistake that we had made on our end.

    Thanks Lance!

  24. Tom

    I got these for my Dad after he lost his last WWII original. He was DELIGHTED! Told me that they were identical to his original issue tags. Thanks for a marvelous product that made my Dad’s day.

  25. Adjutant10

    Good service and delivery. Pleased with results.

  26. Amanda

    Perfect. An exact replica of the originals and exactly what I wanted. Excellent service and quick delivery. Thank you so much!!

  27. Bob Jolley

    Beautiful WWII Dog tag replica in Memory of my Uncle who served in the Army Air Corps. Just what I wanted and is identical to his actual tag. Thank’s so much!! Great service and fast delivery. Highly recommend……

  28. Tom Matowitz

    This company provides an excellent product and outstanding customer service. This has been my experience with multiple orders. The dog tags produced are identical to the originals in every way.
    Very highly recommended.

  29. Tim

    Great product

  30. Tim

    Great product would recommend

  31. Woody

    These tags are very nice. Look and feel authentic. Don’t hesitate on these. They are great! Fast turnaround and tracked fast shipping.

  32. Kevin T.

    These tags are exactly like the ones my grandpa was issued in 1942. Lance does great work for a great price and fast shipping. Don’t hesitate and go ahead and place your order!

  33. Gordon Cox

    Great product. Fast shipping. ORIGINAL chain! How awesome!

  34. Wes Allen

    Arrived on time, well packed, and correct as ordered. 10/10. Will buy again from this business.

  35. Keith B

    Great job and quick!

  36. D M Parlette

    Spot on… dead nuts !!!! These are prefect replicas of the original WWII tags of my father’s.. I purchased these for my daughter, who regards her now deceased Papa, as her guardian angel, for various reasons. RIP Army Cpl HHP.

  37. Ryan Witkowski

    Exactly what I asked for and very accurate tags! I use these for reenacting so historical accuracy is a must and WWII Dog Tags delivers on that! Great work!

  38. Sergio

    The best in the world!

  39. Ian

    Great tags, great price and GREAT customer service! Will do business again!

  40. Travis Truax

    love the tags great quality and excellent customer service I highly recommend to anyone also I’ll be telling my fellow reenacting friends

  41. Jim

    Excellent communication when I had a question before ordering. Once I ordered, they arrive quickly & look great!

  42. David Maxwell

    Awesome, very accurate. The ASN generator is a nice feature.

  43. Michaela

    I was dumb and ordered last minute, but the seller was SUPER helpful and responsive in helping be get them in time – and they’re wonderful!

  44. Martin

    Great service, fantastic product.

  45. Robert R Ellis

    I’ve had tags made by two other companies but, these are the most authentic. And the service is great!

  46. Tim

    Dog Tag looks like the original and was well done. Pleased with the speed and quality of the tags. My wife liked them so much she turned around and ordered more for other family members. Thanks for helping us keep alive the Greatest Generations contribution to Freedom we enjoy now. Thanks

  47. Zach

    Look and feel exactly like original WW2 tags. I ordered a set to keep my grandfathers’ safe and sound. These are exact.

  48. KB

    These are top notch. I was very pleased and I couldn’t be happier with these tags. Fine work, quality material.Great Job!

  49. John Donnadio

    Thank you Lance! I was very pleased and happy that you were able to fit the information on the dog tag to duplicate my father’s dog tag.
    I would gladly recommend your expertise to anyone looking to have a dog tag made.

    Thanks John

  50. Thomas

    These are the Best replica Dogtags You can Buy.

  51. Drossart didier

    juste what i need
    great……… :—)

  52. Benoit

    Excellent quality, carefully — dare I say even respectfully — packaged. Very impressive. The Scotch tape left a little residue on the top tag, which came off easily enough with household products and elbow grease (thumb grease?). Anyway, you guys offer a great product and you demonstrate that you care.

  53. Janton

    Would recommend to anyone! Excellent quality….the real deal!!!

  54. Stephen

    Very authentic, great price and fast shipping.

  55. Ketch Winters

    Exactly what i needed. Great job. Thank you. T/5 Winters

  56. Andrew

    Great price, arrived on time, great quality! Just like the originals!

  57. Robert

    I wanted a set of authentic looking dog tags for a shadow box I was putting getter as a memorial for my Uncle who was wounded on Okinawa during WW2. The ones I received exceeded my expectations. The type font and notch are exactly like the original tags I have in my collection. Great product thank you very much!

  58. Chris

    Great tags at an excellent price with outstanding service! Very happy indeed.

  59. Ary Arnoud Pantoja dos Anjos

    Excelentes etiquetas. Superam todas as expectativas. Um pouco da história do mundo materializada sob a forma das dog tags. Magnifico trabalho.

  60. John K.

    I ordered type 3 tags for my WW2 re-enactment uniform. Customer service is excellent, they answered all of my questions promptly. Fast shipping too, I would definitely recommend World War II Dog Tags

  61. Mark L.

    The girlfriend was tickled pink when I gave her, her own dog tags. Now I need to update mine. Keep up the great work!


    dog tags look great. purchased them with original chain and am very pleased with both.


    Excellent tags, will do it again.

  64. Blaine Nolan

    Excellent reproduction, very pleased with the quality.

  65. Rob Giraldi

    My grandfather was a paratrooper in WWII and I found his dog tags among many other bits of paraphernalia from his time in the 11th airborne division. I had these tags made so that I can wear them and keep him close to me and to honor his contribution. When holding the tags side by side with the originals, you can see that the reproductions are absolutely spot on. The font is perfect, the placement of the letters, everything is perfect. Job well done. I will be wearing these when my family and I take a picture in front of his Hometown Heroes banner that the town put up along the road to honor veterans.

  66. C.D.

    Fast service and came in as ordered.
    Satisfied was the item.

  67. Nancy Patton

    Thank you so much for giving me something that I could wear to honor my father. He was a WWII veteran who fought in the battle of the bulge. He died in 2019 at the wonderful age of 95. His original tags were given to his 2 grandsons so I had these made for me and my sister. They look just like the orginal ones!

  68. Thomas L Mannen

    great price just as promised suggested to others to order there’s. very happy.

  69. Adam

    These were exactly what I wanted. The price, the quality, the speed of delivery – all perfect!! Thank you!

  70. Austin

    Great product and fast delivery.

  71. Marie

    Fantastic communication! I was trying to duplicate my Dad’s dog tags from WWII. Lance tried to get all the information on the tag but it was necessary to shorten Dad’s name. The tags are nice, just as described. Thank you, Lance, for your help.

  72. Isaac

    Good product!

  73. Jack Osvatic

    Great product, good quality. Looks and feels authentic!

  74. Bob Johnson

    The tags look perfect and arrived in a timely manner. Customer service and communications were excellent.

  75. Jeff Nigh

    I received my 2 sets of tags to honour my Grandda just today and absolutely love them. I can’t wait to give one set to my son .

    Much thanks to Lance and his team.

    Zulu Bravo Sir.

  76. Andrew

    Great tags and I love the accurate packaging for the chain! If I ever need another set or if I’m referring anyone I’ll be sure to be back

  77. Isaac Horowitz

    Bought some for my WW2 Vet grandfather. His had been stolen ~10 years ago. I sent them over (with an original chain) and my god, he cried. He was so happy to see them, and he’s wearing them every night. These are the best possible tags you can get. Thank you!

  78. Doug J

    Fast and excellent service! I learned more about dog tags on this site than I ever thought could be possible! That just about completes my kit for Normandy 80th Anniversary! Thanks Lance, see you on the DZ!

  79. Dennis

    Really nice set of dog tags. Received in record time. Highly recommended. One stop shopping for different time periods.

  80. William S.

    Excellent job. Very authentic. Fast shipping, too!

  81. Morgan

    Bought product, got product.

    On serious note these look just like my great grandfathers tags. I’m happy to have them.

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