Airborne Clicker 101ST Airborne – Economy Version


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This clicker or cricket is brand new and comes with a free presentation box and wrapped in grease-proof paper. Inexpensive & Great quality reproduction of the US Cricket or Clicker, used in the invasion of Normandy.
Clickers were used by members of the US 101st Airborne for communication to distinguish between friend and foe. Upon approaching an unknown person, a click would be made using the tool and friendly troops would respond with two clicks.
These are great pieces to add to your Airborne kit, accurate reproductions of the ‘one click answered with two’ crickets as seen in the film ‘The Longest Day’ and TV series ‘Band of Brothers’. They are accurately made – they do not have the ‘US’ marking on them which is historically incorrect!.

For more on the history of the Airborne Cricket click here.

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