James Bucky Barnes Dog Tags: The Winter Soldier

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We are proud to present the updated version  of “Bucky” Barnes dog tags. These are reproduction James B. Barnes dog tags as depicted in the “The Falcon and Winter Soldier”.  We have faithfully recreated the dog tags as worn by Bucky in the new series The Falcon and Winter Soldier. Order now!

Dog Tag Set includes:

  • 2 Dog Tags and a long and short chain set.

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For “Steve Rogers Captain America, the First Avenger Dog Tags” click here.

Weight 2.5 oz
Dimensions 8 × 5 × .2 in
Chain Type

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53 reviews for James Bucky Barnes Dog Tags: The Winter Soldier

  1. Cassandra

    I absolutely love these dogtags! Bucky Barnes is my all time favorite Marvel character, so when I found out they had dog tags for him I had to buy them! They quality is amazing and they arrived in a timely fashion. It’s a little difficult to put the chain together, but other than that it’s perfect! Thank you guys so much for making these a thing! Will definitely have to see about getting my friend a pair of Steve Rogers tags :)

  2. Emma

    OMG I LOVE MY TAGS!!! They are accurate to the T!! They came a few days late but it was well worth it! I now wear my Bucky’s dog tags EVERYWHERE AND THEY GO WELL WITH EVERYTHING!

  3. Lea

    I really love these dog tags! This is the only website which has the ‘original’ Bucky dog tags. Thank you guys for that! :)

  4. Sam

    Good quality, accurate tags. They jingle a lot, but that’s to be expected with metal tags with no silencer on them.

  5. WWII Dog Tags

    Thanks for the great review.. In the near future we will be offering WWII style silencers… Keep an eye out.

  6. Tahlia

    Love love love both my sets of dogtags! Got a Steve Rogers set and a Bucky Barnes set and they’re both amazing. Very happy with them and fast postage too. Thanks heaps :)

  7. Ashley

    What is the difference between the beaded chain and the original beaded chain?

  8. WWII Dog Tags

    The beaded chain that comes standard is current manufacture to the same specifications of WWII. The original beaded chains I have were manufactured in 1944 and come in the original unopened package.

  9. Worth the money

    Got the Barnes tags with the original chain. The only hard part was hooking it together, idk for some reason I had some trouble with it but my friends little brother hooked it on (LIKE HOW)
    So it’s all good now
    I’m very happy with my purchase :D

  10. Samantha

    So happy with the dog tags! I am a really big fan of the character of Bucky, and the opportunity to get “authentic” recreations of what his dog tags would have been like was really exciting. They arrived quickly and I have been wearing them every chance I get; they really make me happy!

    My only suggestion would be to maybe find a way to mail them without putting tape on the dog tags directly (perhaps sandwich them under a piece of cardboard or another piece of paper first?). I know you don’t want them moving around in the envelope, but it was difficult to remove the tape from the tags without leaving adhesive on them, and it took a while to get all the little gummy bits off them.

    Other than that, I was really happy with my purchase! Well worth it. :D

  11. Cara

    I ordered both the Steve Rogers and the Bucky Barnes tags to be delivered internationally (to the UK). I am thrilled to bits with the tags which are exactly what I wanted. They are perfect for cosplay and, as far as I know, these are the only historically and canonically accurate dog tags available.

    Thank you for the tags and thanks for the speedy delivery! I would definitely recommend both tags to all Cap/Bucky fans. You won’t find better!

  12. Sophie

    exactly as described. thank you so much it was perfect

  13. Lauren

    Arrived all the way to Australia in one piece! Looks great and feels authentic. The original chain is so sturdy and looks great. I have worn them every day since they arrived, I love my JBB dog tags so much I am considering buying the SGR ones to match. Thanks a bunch!

  14. Victoria

    These tags are awesome! I wear them all the time and everyone thinks they’re really cool! They seem so authentic and they’re a must-have for marvel and bucky fans!

  15. Kiris

    I love them! They’re awesome and in good quality! Exactly like the picture! I’m in love! Thanks!

  16. Liane

    I love these dog tags. They are so legit looking and the quality is great. I’m glad I came across this website before purchasing elsewhere as other places/sellers aren’t this accurate. They do make a bit of noise when wearing them so instead of wearing both tags at once I wear one and keep one on my keys. I mean I can’t complain too much since I knew I was purchasing metal :) Thank you for making these!!

  17. Susanna

    This company is so great! I ordered two necklaces on Thursday, and they arrived by Saturday, and shipping was only $3.50! The necklaces were also in great condition and well packaged. If I ever need anything like this again, I will definitely order here, and I’m so recommending this place to my friends.

  18. michael greene

    Ordered the Bucky Barnes dog tags for my daughter. Shipping was very fast and my daughter is really happy with them very good experience.

  19. Lisa

    Super authentic! Couldn’t ask for anything better, The real deal for sure. I feel like Bucky game me a pair of his own tags!

  20. Liana

    I love these items! They are just as described and came in way sooner than expected. I would gladly recommend this seller!

  21. Sarah

    Quick and easy to order. The tags are perfect, no issues whatsoever. + they only took 10 days to arrive here in Germany!

  22. Kay

    Bought these as a Christmas gift for myself along with the Steve Rogers/Captain America ones for my sister. I love them (and I know she’ll love hers)! I was looking for authentic dog tags for Steve Rogers for a while after seeing a modern-day set, then stumbled on this site and what I found was perfect! Saw they had Bucky’s and was even happier. They look good, they’re a great price, and I’ll definitely recommend them to my fellow Marvel fans.

  23. Billie

    I was just doing some online research when I came across this site for the dog tags. When I saw they had tags for Bucky Barnes, I didn’t hesitate and ordered them immediately!! They came so quickly, and I was impressed with the packaging. They weren’t just tossed in the envelope, but held securely inside. A lot of thought went into this, very impressed by everything.

  24. leah

    very happy with the dog tags! also very fast shipping. Would buy again.

  25. Crystal Strasburg

    Bought this for my daughter and she is extatic with it. It looks so real. Super fast shipping too! A+++++

  26. Elisa

    They arrived today and I’m so happy with them!! They’re perfect, not to mention the shipping that was really fast: I bought them on 6th or 7th April and today is only the 12th.
    I just had to shorten the chain cause it was too long for me, but overall 100% satisfied!!

  27. Annie

    I couldn’t be happier! The international shipping (Germany) was fairly quick, too. Thank you so much!

  28. Rowena

    I absolutely love the dog tag, it is so amazing to the last detail, and I got blown away by the fact that the chain was made from 1944. The staple on the chain bad is a little rusty, I would smell the history. Anyone who loves Captain America and/or Bucky should definitely buy it! It looks so authentic, I`m gonna wear this all the time, and I want to buy another one or two for collection purposes.
    But because it was shipped to the Netherlands, and I ordered on New Years` day, so it took in total 21 days to get to me since I paid (16 days for shipping), but it was totally worth the wait. By the way, I told my friends in China, and a lot of people want to buy them too, but there was no shipping option to China. Could you guys maybe consider shipping to China?
    Anyways, thank you for making this, you guys really made my day!

  29. Rowena

    So my second order arrived yesterday which was shipped on 23th! Only five days from the US to the Netherlands! I`m so surprised, and thank you again for adding the shipment option to China!

  30. Kyle

    Great Job, my Daughter really loves them. Thanks for all your hard work.

  31. Klair

    I love my tags so much I never take them off! Comfortable and easy to assemble. Aesthetically pleasing. 10/10 would buy again.

  32. Desiree

    They look absolutely fantastic, and are better quality than my friend got on Amazon. I can’t wait to use them for my cosplay next year!

  33. Callie

    I absolutely love my new tags! Ever since they came in the mail, I have not taken them off! Bucky Barnes is my favorite character from the marvel universe, and I’m so happy to have something realistic that could have belonged to him!

  34. Jill H.

    These are very well done and look very realistic. Shipping was extremely fast!

  35. Romy

    Already got one for myself. This was a present to a friend and she was very happy to get these. Would buy again, and have.

  36. Zoey

    Hello there,
    I want to order the dog tag of bucky, but i have a question about it. Do you get one cart (as in do you get one dog tag) or do you get two? (like two dogtag carts, like how you see it in the movies) I just want to know because all the people say dog tags and then i think there are two of them.
    Hope you can help me.

  37. Samantha Olson

    Absolutely love them. I do wish the chain was a little bit longer but all in all I love it.

  38. Harvest

    Wonderful and exactly as pictured! I bought these because fiction is my only coping mechanism.

  39. Gina Gregoire

    I got these because I am a huge Bucky Barnes fan and I wanted some subtle way to show it and obviously there’s no merchandise for him but when I saw the copy of his dog tags, I knew I had to get them. They arrived fairly quickly and were absolutely perfect.

  40. Rosario

    Im about to order them but first what does the second dog tag say?. There’s only a pic of the first one.

  41. McKenna Armstrong

    Absolutely love these tags. They really make me feel more connected to Bucky and the MCU. I’m not sure how to reply to a review/comment/question, but both of the tags say the same thing. Highly recommend these to anybody who loves B. Barnes.

  42. Dory

    The dog tags arrived and they were exactly what I was looking for. Overall I’m very happy with buying them, but one thing that would make me happier was if the packet that the beaded chains came in weren’t taped as they were. It made removing the tape impossible without damaging the original packaging, which is a shame since I wanted to save it. Perhaps in the future there could be a different way of securing it without damaging the envelope?
    Aside from that, I really appreciate these screen accurate dog tags.

  43. Savannah

    I had been seeing so many things about Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes dog tags. I’ve always thought about getting either one because I love both of them. But since I feel a stronger connection to Bucky I went with him. I got mine in the mail and I adore them. I almost cried of happiness when I got the notification they came in. I put them on the instant I pulled them out of the package and I’ll never stop wearing them. They are incredible quality. The beaded chain is hard to put together so have some patience when you try to put them together. I hope everyone else who gets them enjoys them as much as I love mine.

  44. Abby Dixon

    Screen accurate and just what I was looking for. Thank you so much!

  45. Valerie

    These tags are screen accurate and are spaced properly! Everything is very legible, everything arrived in a timely manner. When I was having some issues with the website I called the listed number and got immediate assistance. Amazing customer service and amazing product quality! If I ever have any other dog tag needs this is the place I’m coming to!

  46. Taylor

    Very good quality !! Thank you so much

  47. Nina

    They got all the way to Spain safe and sound !! They look amazing I am in love ! Having both long and short bead chains for each copy is such a great detail so you can wear them both at once I am so happy !

  48. Mia

    Love them!!! They are very good quality and I recommend, the details are great so if you’re looking for accuracy buy from here!

  49. Megan

    They are amazing. Great quality and they got here fast and look amazing. I am really happy with them.

  50. Ana

    Authentic dog tags, best I’ve found on the internet. Very communicative vendor. Would buy again, for sure!

  51. Natalie

    At first I was skeptical, but seeing everyone else’s reviews I bought Bucky’s dog tags for myself and they are a perfect replica! They are an accurate matching to a picture that Sebastian Stan posted on his Instagram story during the making of the Falcon and the Winter Soldier (a post you can find on comicbook.com). I will be wearing these any chance I get whether it’s cosplay or vintage clothing. I absolutely love these dog tags!

  52. Isabel

    I was a bit iffy when I bought these but I’m so glad I ordered them!! They are amazing and look exactly like the ones from the show!!

  53. Dan

    I’m extremely happy with the quality of these tags, and the service was excellent. They were sent out and arrived quickly. Very happy with my purchase!

  54. Angela Doherty

    Beautiful! Amazing quality, looks amazing, and is as precise to the “real thing” as you can get! I love them! A perfect final piece for my Bucky Halloween costume and a perfect little memento and decor item for my room!

  55. nikki

    I love the Bucky dog tags soooooo much!!!!! I got the original chain and it was really hard to clasp it but I did manage to get it to claps eventually! 10/10 would recommend:D

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