Mar 24

NBC Words at War Episode 5 “The Ship”

Words At War. July 24, 1943. “The Ship”. Sustaining. An exciting narrative about the British cruiser H. M. S. Artemis as she battles the Italian navy off the coast of Malta. Adapted from the book “The Ship'” by C. S. Forester.


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Mar 17

NBC Words at War Episode 4 “The Last Days of Sevastopol”

Words At War. July 17, 1943. “The Last Days Of Sevastopol”. Sustaining. A very well done dramatization of the siege of this valiant Russian city by the Nazis, and its brave defenders. An announcement is made that this was the first book in history that was delivered to its publisher entirely by cable.

The Last Days Of Sevastopol is a story by Boris Voitekhov war correspondent for Pravda in Moscow. He tells of a beautiful Russian naval city, Sevastopol, which fell to the Nazi’s on July 1st 1942 with not one building left standing. Take a look these other WWII Posts: Capt. Jim Crowe Quote Words at War: Lend Lease for Victory WWII Today: December 1

Mar 10

NBC Words At War Episode 3 “They Call It Pacific

NBC Words at War Episode 3 aired on July 2, 1942 Words at War They Call It Pacific

The book drama series is proud to present Clark Lee’s “They Call It Pacific.


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Mar 03

NBC Words At War Episode 1 “Combined Operations: the Commandos”

NBC Words at War Episode 1 aired on June 21, 1943. “Combined Operations: The Official Story of the Commandos” The dramatization will deal with the training of the commandos and the attack on St. Nazaire.


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Jan 07

WW2 Manuals

List of WWII Manual PDFs, free for download.→ Read more