World War II Today: May 2

1940 Germans troops reach Aandalesnes. Allied forces are evacuated from Namsos. Chamberlain announces British forces are to withdraw from southern Norway. 1941 British Evacuation of Greece complete. Hostilities break out between British forces in Iraq and that country’s pro-German faction. Iraqis attack the British base at Habbaniya, but are repulsed. 1942 Admiral Chester J. Nimitz, …

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World War II Today: May 1

1940 Amalgamated Engineering Union agrees to allow women workers in munitions factories. German mine-carrying bomber crashes on Clacton, Essex; two civilians and four Germans killed, 156 people injured. Norwegians surrender in Lillehammer. Rudolf Höss is chosen to be kommandant of Auschwitz. 1941 The Luftwaffe begins a series of 8 consecutive night raids against Liverpool. Dissident …

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